About Us

Hey, my name is Nikki Thompson and I am the creator and owner of Kandles by Nikki. I am from Brooklyn, New York and a single mom of two beautiful boys.


Kandles By Nikki was established in 2017. I created this company not only because of my personal love for candles but for my love of the people around me and there well being. I believe a candle should smell amazing and also help your mental health. 


At a young age I suffered from depression and insomnia and also saw my sister suffer with anxiety. I wanted to develop a line of natural remedies to help with how we felt daily. I started researching different fragrances and essential oil’s that would help with anxiety, depression and insomnia. After mixing and testing I found the perfect formula to not help myself but my sister as well. I then realized I wanted to create candles for everyone suffering from any disorder and also enjoy a wonderful fragrance at the same time.

Every candle is hand pour using 100% soy wax and organic fragrances.

What makes Nikki's candles different from others? In each candle there are ingredients that will help improve any mood.


Kandles By Nikki is in its 4th year of business. Her plans are to contiune to expand her brand with new scents, products and accessories.